Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits
Shamanic Healing through Contact with the Spirit World
Prologue (continuation)

Beatrice stopped crying.

"How did you know I had developed a heart problem? A cardiologist is monitoring me. Over the past two years it has gotten worse and worse," Beatrice told me.

"I think your heart problem is over now," I informed Beatrice.

Then I invited Beatrice to lie down on the mattress. I sat next to her on the floor. She closed her eyes and relaxed as I guided her meditation. The words that I spoke to her were words that I "heard" and was repeating out loud. I "saw" a six-year-old child.

"Do you see anything in your mind's eye?" I asked Beatrice.

"I see a little girl. I think she's six years old," Beatrice said. She described the little girl I "saw" Guiding Beatrice, I helped her connect with this happy child who was full of love and wonder. This child was her younger self. Beatrice had lost touch with the love in herself for herself and others. Sometime during the guided meditation, when Beatrice was feeling full of love, I saw some dark energies rise off her body I waved them away from her with my hands. I never touched her.

The session ended, and Beatrice slowly sat up. She felt elated, but a bit dizzy. Beatrice left feeling calm and happy.

She called me a couple weeks later. Her regular electrocardiogram showed that her heart condition had stabilized. She was told that she no longer needed to come in every month to have her heart checked. Two months later, when she had her next electrocardiogram, her heart condition had completely disappeared. Beatrice had not done anything about her heart condition except to have a session with me.